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Welcome to ultimate learning academy. Update your skills to new digital technolgies and move ahead. We have an awesome collections of online live training courses which can accelerate your future.

Artificial intelligence & Data science

Leverage artificial intelligence to provide a robust high level overviews & predictions.

Backend technologies

Nice collections of tools and programming languages to build a robust and secure backend

Front end / UI

Latest front end languages and scripts to build an attractive look of web portal and mobile apps


Deploying your application into cloud, better resource utilization and maintaining efficiently

Courses offered

We offer multiple courses related to various technologies. It includes software and hadrware related stuffs. We offer both frontend and backend programming languages and tools. We encourage the use open source.

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Angular js
Weekend program

You will learn
Introduction to JavaScript | Angular Components | Angular Router & Guards etc.

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Chat bot
Weekend training

You will learn
Chat bot basics | Dailogues | configuration | web views

Our projects

We build open source projects which helps developers to learn and develop robust application using Latest technologies.

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Java ultimate

It has a good collections of tutorilas related to java, php and other programming languages.


It contains direct links download and source code of open source softwares.

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